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Office for Civil Rights Issues New Guidance

Summary of New Guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education


Today, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has issued new guidance to Title IX Coordinators, College Presidents and School Superintendents. While these documents, outlined below, provide detailed resource information to educators, OCR is not issuing new requirements.

Dear Colleague Letter on Title IX Coordinators

This Dear Colleague Letter to School Superintendents and College Presidents focuses on the need for a designated Title IX Coordinator, focusing on the importance of providing authority and support to this role on our campuses and in our schools.

This letter includes additional information and guidance on:

  • Visibility and Training
  • Independence (free of conflicts)
  • The minimization of risk with the full-time Coordinator role
  • How the management of the enormity of this task is supported with a full-time Coordinator
  • The need for larger districts and universities to have multiple Coordinators, with one lead Coordinator that has ultimate responsibility
  • Adding the effects of discrimination on climate
  • Protection from retaliation from Coordinators
  • Formal training or experience necessary for all Coordinators to assure sufficient Title IX knowledge-base
  • Name and contact information collection via Clery Act in 2015

A Letter to Title IX Coordinators

This Letter to Title IX Coordinators offers a thank you from the Office for Civil Rights and a reminder of the support they have from this Office.


Resource Guide

This Resource Guide provides an overview of Title IX Requirements and addresses how a Coordinator can help a campus to comply with Title IX. It offers broad-based information on athletics, pregnancy, gender identity, etc. This guide will be a document continually updated by OCR, with summary documents and links to other guidance.


Coming Soon: A Rapid Response Webinar from ATIXA Experts

Keep an eye out for additional information from ATIXA & The NCHERM Group regarding an upcoming Rapid Response Webinar opportunity discussing today's newly released guidance. More information and an official announcement coming soon! To learn more about online training opportunities from ATIXA & The NCHERM Group, click here.


Training & Certification from ATIXA

ATIXA is the premier association for Title IX Training, offering a number of Certification courses to meet the growing demand for new and unique professional development opportunities. With new documents just released, ATIXA will continue to provide up-to-date training courses, reflecting new legislation and guidance in your certification course.

Newly released guidance to be a part of our Training & Certification event in San Diego this June. Learn more about how to join us in San Diego.

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